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A bit of a hot button issue for those living in Boston is public transportation. Many believe the system needs to be fixed and need quite a bit of help. Putting the opinions aside, if you’re new to Boston and looking for a guide to public transportation in Boston, here’s your go-to choice.

The Subway

Most residents of Boston refer to the Subway the “T”. The Subway will take you to just about any of the big attractions within the city and it may be the reason you don’t need a car to live in Boston.

While the Subway is a great choice for public transportation, it does come with its’ own shortfalls. It can become crowded and it does break down at times. In addition, when the snow falls heavy and fast, above-ground sections of the T will likely be brought to a halt.

There may also be service interruptions coming for the T as renovations are handled. Plenty of spending has been approved over the next five years for maintenance, which could be the answer the city is looking to make the T a better public transportation option.

Commuter Rail

Another option operated by the MBTA for public transportation in Boston is the Commuter Rail. This service helps those in outlying Boston suburbs get into Boston and get to where they need to go. Service is available from many of the T stations to connect the two options and make it easier for those living outside of Boston to get where they need to go.


The bus transportation within Boston is widely available and has been expanded to include late night service. The system includes about 175 total routes and it’s pretty inexpensive. You can get a CharlieCard to make it even less expensive and transfers from the bust to the subway are discounted on this cart, while bus-to-bus transfers are free.



Those looking for an eco-friendly way to get around can enjoy the BLUEBikes bike sharing program in Boston. There are more than 100 stations and over 1,000 bikes throughout Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, and Somerville. Many membership options are available to make it affordable to get around Boston without needing to own a vehicle.


Of course, hailing a taxi is another way you can use public transportation to get around Boston. This can be done at any time but does become a bit harder after 1am. Many of the taxis can be found near major hotels, Harvard Square, and near the larger train stations.

Both Uber and Lyft also serve the Boston area and may be a bit more convenient than taking a taxi.

Along with these public transportation options, Boston offers water taxies and ferries. There may also be unique transportation options coming as the state is looking into reinventing the commuter rail system, self-driving cars, and much more.


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