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It can be easy to get down on life, but Boston offers plenty of reasons to stay optimistic. The city is growing in unique ways and improvements are found around every corner. Here are some of the best reasons to be optimistic about Boston right now.

New Residential Developments

There are plenty of new condo and apartment developments all throughout the city. Beantown has seen plenty of development over the summer and many projects on the books yet to open.

While Boston remains one of the most expensive housing markets in the United States, this may start to change with so much development. The only way for costs to go down is for more supply or inventory to hit the market.

Last year in December, a total of 14 municipalities in the area decided to pursue more housing developments. This is quite the cooperation throughout Boston and they are aiming at developments near transit stops.

The Green Line Extension is Real

Boston Optimistic

The Green Line extension is actually happening and will extend through Somerville into Medford. It will be a 4.7-mile extension with many new stops. Not only will this be good for residents, but also for businesses in the area.

Sidewalks are Getting Fixed

The city of Boston has committed millions of dollars to fix sidewalks throughout the area. While this is good news for Boston, many believe it will spill over into the surrounding municipalities, too. With better sidewalks, the city becomes more walkable and more enjoyable.

Downtown Rezoning

The Boston Planning & Development Agency created and launched a 2-year initiative for a new master zoning plan in the downtown area. This plan will emphasize transportation, affordable housing, and public space.

City Hall Plaza Renovations

The City Hall Plaza has not been anything to write home about for a while, but that’s changing. This area of the city will become an area with tree-shaded spots for gathering and a seasonal fountain. The city will also be renovating the North Side entrance to City Hall.

There are several reasons to be optimistic about Boston and these are just a few. Many other projects are in the works to improve the city and make it the best it can be.

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