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Finding the right place to call home in Boston isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it’s a matter of price and some Boston neighborhoods are more expensive than others. Here’s a quick look at the most expensive neighborhoods found throughout Boston.

Back Bay

Compared to every other neighborhood in Boston, Back Bay is far more expensive. The average sales price is higher than any other neighborhood and it has one of the highest averages prices per square foot. Even for renters, it’s one of the most expensive with a one bedroom apartment going for nearly $2,500 per month.

Beacon Hill

It comes as no surprise that next on the list of the most expensive Boston neighborhoods is Beacon Hill. This neighborhood has a very high average sales price and the highest average price per square foot. In addition, renters pay just as much in Beacon Hill as they do in Back Bay, in most cases.

South End

Not much lower in price than Beacon Hill or Back Bay, South End offers a very high average sales price and a very high average price per square foot. Renters will get a little better deal for a studio here, but the one and two bedroom options will come in at about the same price as Back Bay and Beacon Hill.



Another expensive neighborhood, yet more affordable than the first three on the list, Charleston comes in with the fourth highest average sales price. It also has the fourth highest price per square foot. However, it’s just as expensive as Beacon Hill or Back Bay when it comes to renting. A one-bedroom will run about the same in all three neighborhoods.

Jamaica Plain

While it’s not nearly as expensive as the first three on the list, Jamaica Plain still makes the list of most expensive Boston Neighborhoods. The average sales price is significantly lower than Back Bay and Beacon Hill and the average price per square foot is about 50% of these more expensive neighborhoods. Even renters will save about $500, on average, for a one-bedroom apartment in Jamaica Plain compared to Back Bay or Beacon Hill.

These are the most expensive neighborhoods in Boston. They do come with plenty of perks making it worth the cost, however.


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