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If you’re shopping for a condo in Boston, finding the right one matters. Some condo buildings offer more than others and many are very similar in Boston, but some are rather unique. There are plenty to choose from and the location will make a big difference for the price, the popularity, and the prestige.

Condos have become very popular in Boston and they can go very quickly. If you find the right one, you can’t wait, as it could be snatched up right out from under you. Here are some of the things you can expect to find in any top condo building in Boston.

A Fitness Center

The luxury condos will offer nicer fitness centers with spas, steam rooms and more. However, just about every good Boston condo for sale will have a fitness center of some sort in the building. This can be a great amenity to have as it will save you on those monthly gym membership fees. Plus, in the winter, you can still get your workout in without any excuses.

A Day Spa

Not all Boston condos for sale will include a day spa, but the luxury choices almost all have some type of spa available. When you need to relax, it’s nice to know you have a place to go with a sauna, steam room or hot tub right in your building. Of course, a full day spa will also offer massage treatments and other treatments to keep you feeling amazing all week long.

A Wine Cellar

When you start shopping for a luxury condo in Boston, you will notice a climate-controlled wine cellar is a popular amenity. Some buildings will even offer wine tastings or let you order a bottle for your gathering.

Rooftop Amenities

It’s not uncommon to find amenities on the roof of a condo building in Boston. Usually, the rooftop will include a lounge and a pool you can enjoy in the summertime. Some will also include fire pits for the fall and winter season.

A Movie Theater

Do you love the idea of seeing a movie in your own private theater? Some condo buildings in Boston offer private screening rooms with free popcorn for movie night. This can be a great amenity when you want to enjoy a night out without really going out.

Game Rooms

Game Room

Most of the best condo buildings in Boston will include a billiards room or some type of game room. They will also offer a multi-purpose room you can use for events or just to enjoy time with friends.

Indoor Sports Courts

Indoor basketball courts are popular, but some buildings may also offer tennis courts. It’s not uncommon to find a basketball court in a condo building in Boston. This means, if it’s cold and icy outside, you can still play a game of hoops without any worry of the weather.

Boston condo buildings have plenty to offer and these are just some of the most common things you will find. You may also find a toddler room, bike storage, 24-hour door security and much more.

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