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Boston condos are some of the best you will find and the luxury condos offer so much more than you may realize. With Boston offering so much from incredible universities to amazing attractions to the deep history, you can’t go wrong when you decide to relocate to Beantown.

Those looking to invest in a Boston luxury condo will be pleasantly surprised. The condos found throughout the city have so much to offer. Here’s a look at the many perks you will gain when you move into a luxury condominium building in Boston, MA.

Amazing Views

One of the reasons luxury condos in Boston get labeled at upscale is the view. Many of the top luxury condos offer incredible views. Some may even offer a private terrace or floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the view. Whether you want water views or views of the cityscape, you will find a luxury condo building in Boston with exactly what you’re after.

Top Locations


Boston luxury condos always offer one of the best locations in the city. Of course, with real estate, location means more than just about anything else and developers understand this. The best luxury condos in Boston are all found close to entertainment areas with plenty of shopping, dining, and amenities found nearby. Some even provide access to the Boston Harbor.

Incredible Amenities

The amenities are one of the main reasons choosing a condo makes sense for some. When you choose one of the luxury condos in Boston, the amenities become rather upscale. Instead of the gym with two or three pieces of equipment, you’ll get a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with exercise studios, free weights, plenty of cardio equipment, a sauna, a steam room and more.

Along with the gym, most luxury condo buildings will include some type of swimming pool, rooftop gardens or courtyards, common space for grilling and relaxing and much more. Some of the Boston luxury condos will include sports courts for tennis and basketball, along with other indoor games. They may even offer a spa with physical therapy rooms and plenty of spa services to enjoy.

While it’s not completely common, some luxury condos in Boston even include a movie theater you can enjoy. Most will include conference rooms, a business center, free Wi-Fi in common areas and much more. Of course, luxury condos also include private parking, usually covered.

Maintenance Services

While you will pay a fee to the condo association for the maintenance, it’s a nice perk in a luxury Boston condominium building. You will likely enjoy 24/7 maintenance services and professionals will make sure the common areas are properly maintained.

Someone will clean the pool regularly, repair anything that breaks and take care of cleaning the common areas. IN addition, professionals will be used to replace lighting, handle any landscaping, take care of the plumbing and take care of any exterior cleaning.

Other Convenient Services

Often, luxury condos in Boston will offer several services including:

  • 24/7 Doorman
  • Package delivery
  • House cleaning
  • Concierge
  • Front desk
  • Security
  • And More!

You may even have an on-site dry cleaning service and other professional services to help save you time.


Boston Luxury Condos

All Boston luxury condos will come with a certain level of prestige. The designers use high-quality materials to create these luxury condos, which means the attention to detail is far better than any run-of-the-mill condo building.

Depending on the building, you may enjoy antique items or gold-plated items as a part of the design. There may be marble surfaces, quality wood cabinets, walk-in closets like you see on TV, modern technology, top-notch appliances and more.

Most of the Boston luxury condos will include large kitchens with an open floor plan and the latest in cooking technology. The bathrooms will feel like a spa with Jacuzzi bathtubs or even hydro massage therapy tubs.

The prestige isn’t just found within each unit, either. Residents may enjoy having a clubhouse or keeping their boat in a marina included as a part of the property.

Pets are Allowed

While some residential buildings don’t allow pets, luxury condos in Boston cater to pets and treat them like royalty. Not only are they allowed (some restrictions may apply), many of the luxury condos in Boston will actually have amenities for the pets. Some may offer dog walking services and pet spas, while others may have grooming services and dog parks.

The Community

Of course, the community in a Boston luxury condo building is a huge perk. You’ll enjoy living with a variety of people from the super-rich to the retired to those up-and-coming professionals making a name for themselves. These condo communities attract a wide range of buyers looking to enjoy the facilities and the relationships they develop within the community.

If you’re in the market for a Boston condo, why not step up to a luxury condo building? There are plenty of perks you can enjoy and life is just a little bit better when you live in luxury.

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