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When it’s time to sell your Boston home, it’s important to know what buyers in Boston want. If your home doesn’t offer what the buyers are looking for, you could be in for a long journey to get your property sold. Here’s a look at what home buyers in Boston are looking for.

Central Air Conditioning

About 60% of homebuyers in Boston are looking for a home with air conditioning, according to the National Association of Realtors. It doesn’t matter the age of the buyer and about 70% of homebuyers have even stated they will pay more for a home with central air conditioning.

During the summer months in Boston, the temperatures can soar quite high. Without central air, a homeowner has to rely on window air conditioners and fans. If you’re getting ready to sell and you don’t already have central air, consider adding it to your property.

Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet

This one may be a bit harder to accommodate, but the NAR data showed that more than 60% of homebuyers are looking for a master bedroom with a walk-in closet. They are even willing to pay more and a large portion of these buyers are in the age range of 35 to 44. The walk-in closet is often seen as a status symbol and offers value for homebuyers.

Energy Efficient Features

With modern technology improving, many homebuyers in Boston are looking for energy efficient features. These range from ENERGY STAR appliances to smart home features, such as a smart thermostat.

As a home seller, you can easily upgrade some of your home’s features to make them more energy efficient. Add a smart thermostat, swap out old appliances with new ENERGY STAR models, replace toilets with low flow options or even upgrade to a full smart home system.

High Tech Homes

While not every buyer in Boston is looking for the technology, the newer wave of buyers will pay more for smart home features and automation. The newest generation of buyers has been raised on technology and seeks plenty of it in their Boston home. About 56% of Millennials stated they believe home technology matters more than curb appeal in a recent Better Homes and Garden survey. In fact, more than 80% of younger Americans have said they believe technology is essential in their homes.

It’s not just a convenience factor, either. Millennials want to brag to their friends about their home automation system and will likely brag about this more than a newly renovated kitchen. If you’re selling your Boston home and you want to attract the next big wave of home buyers, add technology to your home.

New Kitchen Appliances

Boston Home Buyers

Another big deal for homebuyers in Boston is the kitchen appliances. They don’t want the appliances you get with a rental that are outdated, used and have no technology within them. Instead, homebuyers are seeking new kitchen appliances. This is a big deal because it eliminates the need for the new homeowner to worry about spending money on replacement appliances or repairs.

Sellers can easily kill two birds with one stone by upgrading the kitchen appliances. Choose ENERGY STAR appliances with the latest features and you might just attract the right buyer willing to pay a bit more.

Flexible Space

Younger buyers are also looking for a flexible type of space. They want to use the living room as a media room or turn an extra bedroom into a game room. In fact, younger buyers prefer game rooms and media rooms over any other type of specialty room in their home.

In a recent Better Homes and Garden Survey, 77% of young home buyers said they prefer an essential home over a luxury home. They want unique living quarters and not just the most lavish choice for their home. Less cookie cutter is best with this new group of homebuyers and this can be achieved with the right staging when you sell your home.

Buying a home in Boston isn’t just about the budget. It’s about all the features buyers want and what the newer generations of homebuyers prefer. The old days of beautiful kitchens, perfect bathrooms and cookie cutter homes are gone. It’s time to make your property stand out if you want to sell it fast and for the right price.

When you’re ready to sell your Boston home, make sure you take into consideration what buyers want. You can make a few changes and attract the right buyer willing to pay a bit more or you can leave your property the way it is and hope for the best.

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