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Dorchester is a fantastic community found in the Boston area. It’s filled with history, beauty and plenty of culture. It also happens to be one the most popular neighborhoods for those relocating to Boston.

If you’re planning to move to Boston and you’ve chosen Dorchester as your neighborhood, you might want to know a few things to do in Dorchester. Here are some of the top things you can enjoy doing when you live in Dorchester.

Enjoy a Show at Strand Theatre

A popular place to go for a show, Dorchester offers the Strand Theatre. This theatre was built in 1918 and offers wonderful architecture with a domed ceiling, beautiful red plush seats and grand pillars. It’s a bit of an attraction before the show even starts.

Strand Theatre is home to many theater companies and dance troupes. It’s also known for holding other events throughout the year.

A Day at the Franklin Park Zoo

A wonderful attraction found in Dorchester, the Franklin Park Zoo covers 527 total acres with plenty of wildlife and walking trails throughout. It’s actually one of the top attractions in Dorchester. Enjoy discovering gorillas and many other animals at the Zoo.

The Franklin Park Zoo is also home to several annual events including the Brew at the Zoo.

Visit Historic Field Corner

A historic attraction offering plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment options, Field Corner is a great place to go. You can enjoy the Blarney Stone Pub, which is rather historic, along with plenty of other hot spots here.

Check out Savin Hill Park

A park with an amazing view, Savin Hill Park offers plenty for residents to enjoy. It’s the plea for tennis and basketball, but also offers the Dorchester Beach Festival every year, along with many other events.

Tour the Dorchester Brewing Company

You can take a tour at the Dorchester Brewing Company, but you can also just pop into the tap room for a craft beer. If you love local brews, this is the place for you. They also have local food trucks on weekends and tours are held on Saturday afternoons.

Visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

A main attraction found in Dorchester, the JFK Library and Museum offers plenty to enjoy. It’s one of the best museums in the area and offers plenty of history throughout. The special exhibits will draw you back to this attraction over and over again, but the permanent exhibits are certainly not something you would want to miss, either.

Hike or Bike the Lower Neponset River Trail

Offering a 2.5-mile hike or bike, the Lower Neponset River Trail is a great choice for those looking to get outside for the day. It runs from the Central Avenue T station to Port Norfolk and offers plenty of water views, marches and a park along the way.

When you want to enjoy plenty of great things to do in Dorchester, you can refer to this list. There are several great attractions, excellent dining options, plenty of shopping and all kinds of entertainment throughout Dorchester.

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