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We are only weeks away from the trees starting to show the first signs of fall in Boston. When they become bright orange, yellow, red and brown, you’ll want to get outside and enjoy a stroll in Boston. The foliage is amazing and there are some great spots throughout the city to enjoy it.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for a stroll this fall, you’ll need to know where to go. Here are seven of the top spots in Boston to enjoy this fall.

Public Garden

Head to Public Garden and enjoy the foliage, along with flowers and so much more. You can enjoy this 24-acre area of nature as the leaves change. The best time to enjoy the Public Garden this fall is during late October and early November.

Acorn Street

Take a stroll down this narrow street in Beacon Hill and you will enjoy something beautiful. It’s often called the most beautiful stroll in America. The cobblestone is simply amazing and you may spot a bit of fall foliate here, too.

Boston Harborwalk

It doesn’t get much better than looking out on the water and seeing the signs of fall all around you. The Boston Harborwalk is one of the best places for a stroll in the fall with plenty to see and do. There are plenty of attractions and several park areas just off the Harborwalk if you want to sit and enjoy the view.

Louisburg Square

The wrought iron fence makes this spot seem iconic and the trees become absolutely amazing in the fall. You can enjoy the stroll here while you look on at Greek revival townhouses and plenty of foliage.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

A beautiful 32-acre area with plenty to see, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall offers a 1.3-mile run with plenty of trees for foliage in the fall. The run ends at the Public Garden, so you could enjoy both on the same stroll.

Charles River Esplanade

Maybe the best spot for foliage in the city, the Charles River Esplanade offers a beautiful area with lush streets. It’s a great mix of water with fall colors and from Berkeley Street to the Charles River Dame Road, you will find plenty to enjoy.

Boston Common

Of course, you will want to stroll through Boston Common in the fall. This is the oldest park in the country and offers plenty to see and enjoy throughout the fall. If you don’t want to stroll or you need a break, there are plenty of places to sit. There are also many ways you can go about strolling through the area, such as starting near Beacon Street and working your way towards Boylston Street.

Enjoying the leaves changing colors is one of the amazing things you get to do in Boston every year. Taking a stroll will allow you to see the colors and the beauty of the city all throughout the fall. These are just a few of the many great places for a stroll in the fall in Boston.

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