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The weather is finally starting to warm up in Boston, and it’s the perfect time to plan a walk throughout the area. Of course, if you want something a bit more strenuous, you can enjoy one of the unknown hikes found throughout Boston.

However, if you’re just looking for a fun walk in the city, there are plenty of great options. Here’s a look at 10 of the best Boston walks to enjoy during warmer weather.

Charles River Esplanade

Enjoy the trees blooming and views of the Charles River as you stroll through this very popular area. The Charles River Esplanade is the perfect choice for those in Back Bay or West End. It runs from about Berkeley Street to Charles River Dam Road.

If you love the idea of incredible downtown views, water views, and a touch of briskness until the heat of summer hits Boston, this is the walk for you.

Louisburg Square

A bit more unique and perfect for those seeking beautiful architecture, Louisburg Square offers a great place for a walk. You can stroll the perimeter and enjoy the many Greek revival townhouses along the square. In addition, you can easily extend your walk into the surrounding Beacon Hill area.

Boston Common

Boston Common

Walking in Boston doesn’t get much better than a walk in Boston Common. This is the oldest public park in American dating all the way back to 1634, and every Bostonian should take a stroll through this park at some point in their life.

If you live nearby, you should stroll the park regularly. It covers a total of 50 acres, so you can take a different stroll each time. Enjoy the many statues, monuments, and markers found throughout. There are even plenty of places to sit when you need to take a break.


Maybe you prefer views of the city as you enjoy walking by the water. If so, you can take the Boston walk known as HarborWalk. There are 43 total miles to discover, and this is one of the longest linear parks in urban American. It’s also known as one of the best waterfront parks in all of Boston.

Whether you live in Beacon Hill, East Boston, Charlestown, or Back Bay, you’ll gain easy access to HarborWalk. Even if you don’t live super close, you can still enjoy a walk here as the weather warms up.

Arborway, Riverway, Fenway, Jamaicaway

The four “ways” found in Boston offering incredible walking are all perfect for your warm weather stroll. Enjoy Back Bay, the Arnold Arboretum and plenty more as you stroll down Fenway, Riverway, Arborway, or Jamaicaway.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

It covers about 32 acres and offers a great warm weather walk in Boston. The Commonwealth Avenue Mall even offers a 1.3-mile run, which includes statues and memorials all throughout. It ends at the Public Garden, which is next on the list.

Public Garden

Public Garden

Found next to Boston Common, Public Garden offers a beautiful 24-acre spot filled with foliage, flowers, statuary, and plenty more. It’s a great place for a warm weather walk with plenty of benches for resting.

The spring is a great time to enjoy a walk here as the flowers and plants start to bloom. You can walk the entire perimeter or enjoy a shorter walk down Charles Street.

Acorn Street

It’s a super short walk, but worth every minute. This Boston walk offers one of the most beautiful streets in American to enjoy. It’s filled with cobblestone and looks like a picture out of the 19th century. You can add in some walking through Beacon Hill to make it longer than the short 250-feet Acorn Street provides.

Monument Square

Those seeking a walk filled with history will love walking through Monument Square. This walk includes plenty of historic homes and all kinds of history to discover. You can even climb the 221-foot obelisk as a part of your walk.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

It covers a total of 1.5 miles and offers plenty of parkland to enjoy throughout. If you want to enjoy a downtown Boston walk filled with fountains, memorials, and monuments, this Greenway is a perfect choice.

When the weather becomes warmer, Boston is filled with great places to walk. It’s a beautiful city with history around every corner. Whether you want to check out some of the unique architecture or you prefer a walk in the park, you’ll find plenty of great Boston walks for warmer weather all throughout the city.

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