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Deciding to buy one of the homes for sale in Jamaica Plain, MA is a huge step. It’s important to fully understand the neighborhood and what you will be getting yourself into first. Here’s a look at what Jamaica Plain offers and what it might be like to live here.

An Early Streetcar Suburb

Jamaica Plain was one of the first streetcar suburbs in America. It dates back to the early 19th century and offers plenty of history throughout.

Today, the neighborhood features ferries instead of trolleys and plenty of residents getting around by foot and by bicycle. The residents are very diverse ranging from activists to families to professionals to artists and more. Things to Do & Places to Go

Jamaica Plain is filled with public parks, natural beauty and plenty to enjoy. Centre Street offers the main hub for activity with several independently owned shops and restaurants. You will find all types of choices for a day or night out in the neighborhood.

As you walk throughout the neighborhood, you will discover several old Victorian homes in a variety of colors. It’s a beautiful area for a stroll and offers just about everything you could ask for in a Boston neighborhood.

The Real Estate

When you start looking at the homes for sale in Jamaica Plain, MA, you will notice plenty of buying options. The median single-family home price comes in at $888K, while the median condo price comes in at $496K. There are several types of homes to choose from and you can even choose from units in multi-family properties.

Many homebuyers moving to Boston are excited about living in Jamaica Plain. This means the market does favor the sellers and there can be stiff competition for the best properties here. With a boom of new businesses and new developments, Jamaica Plain is one of the hottest Boston neighborhoods right now.

Pros and Cons of Living in Jamaica Plain, MA

Homes for Sale in Jamaica Plain

Choosing to buy one of the homes for sale in Jamaica Plain will provide you with plenty of great benefits. However, Jamaica Plain isn’t for everybody. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons for this Boston neighborhood.

Diversity (Pro)

One of the biggest pros is the diversity. While about 56% of the population is white, the rest is very split. About 22% is Latino, while another 13% is African-American and 5% is Asian. The community also has an artsy circle within it and the diversity covers the different ages found throughout Jamaica Plain, as well.

Vibrant and Lively (Pro)

There are several shops, restaurants, coffee houses and other places to enjoy throughout Jamaica Plain. Centre Street offers a lively atmosphere and the neighborhood is very vibrant, as well.

Housing Cost (Con)

About the only con of living in Jamaica Plain is the cost of housing. It’s the third most expensive of the Boston neighborhoods and a large portion of the households have a lower than average income.

If you’re looking to move to Jamaica Plain, MA, you will need to start looking at the houses for sale in Jamaica Plain. Hiring the right real estate agent will ensure you have the best opportunity to score a great deal on the right property for you.

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