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A brand new restaurant to Roslindale, The Square Root is now open. They have opened with a limited menu, with plans to expand the menu in the near future.

The goal of The Square Root is to create an atmosphere not seen in Roslindale before. They offer great coffee, plenty of pastries, breakfast options, and lunch items.

Along with the food and beverage, The Square Root is on a mission to create a place to co-work, along with a live entertainment venue including craft beer and plenty of good wine.

A Three-in-One Business in the Roslindale Village

The location of The Square Root is a great choice and provides one of the best in the neighborhood. This new spot will provide plenty for residents of Roslindale and surrounding communities to enjoy. They aim to be a cafe, performance venue, and workspace.

The menu is currently in “starter mode” and will soon have a full version available. Right now, The Square Root is still looking to fill important positions and working on being able to provide beer and wine.

They have already started providing live entertainment, such as Bethany Van Delft performing stand-up comedy and The Splinters providing live music.

Red Sox Home Opener Specials

While their menu is limited right now, they do have two specials they are offering for all home Red Sox games. The specials include a Chili Dog and Chicken Wings.

Opened With More To Come

The Square Root

The Square Root opened in February 2019, and it promises much more to come. With great coffee available from Sudsbury-based Karma Coffee, they are drawing some attention in Roslindale. They also offer some pastries and breakfast sandwiches right now.

The bistro also has a few small plates, along with beer and wine available at night. Soon, they will become the all-day/all-night gathering place the Roslindale community needs.

You can read more about The Square Root by visiting one of the many articles written about them so far. They have been featured in The Improper Bostonian, and an article from Eater Boston was also published about this new spot. Of course, you can also visit their website, but there’s not much information found there yet.

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