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Milton scores well for MA safety, schools and real estate values!

According to lists recently released by the FBI, Milton is among the safest towns in Massachusetts. I’ve researched that a bit and there are several lists that cut up the data differently. More or less, Milton ranks about #45 and highlights the town’s violent crime rate of 102.1 and 1.0 percent chance of being involved in a property crime. Rates are normalized per 100,000 residents with the state average being 391 for violent crime and 1,857 for property crime. This is calculated by taking (# of crimes/population) times 100,000.

Pope's Pond in Milton, MA.  Pope’s Pond in Milton, MA.

This stat dovetails nicely with the excellent schools and the fantastic real estate values one can find there relative to the rest of the Boston Metro area. While the average sales price for the last six months was $706,515, one can still get a 3+BD/1.5BTH single family home for under 500K. The lowest single family sale price in that time was $380K and the highest was $3.5M. That’s a huge range!

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