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Jamaica Plain events

A bunch of smashed pumpkins are seen together.

There are a bunch of really fun and interesting Jamaica Plain activities happening as the holiday season approaches. Don’t miss out on being part of this vibrant community. There’s something for everyone this year – from pumpkins to politics – if you want it, Jamaica Plain has it.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween personally (I know, I know. I just can’t get behind the way we celebrate it) but I can get behind this little ritual. As reported in Boston Magazine:

“So maybe you have a rotten, brownish-green pumpkin perched on your porch, or you’re already making room for Thanksgiving accents at your front door, or you’ve got some pent up anti-Halloween rage going on. Either way, perhaps the best way to shed your festive vegetables this year is at Boston’s first-ever “Pumpkin Smash” in Mattapan.

On Saturday, November 4, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., you’re invited to bring pumpkins that have worn out their welcome, and dispose of them however you see fit, at the one-year-old Mattapan Ecovation Center. “Dilapidated sadface pumpkins welcomed and highly encouraged,” reads a description of the “Great Pumpkin Smash of 2017” on the city’s website.”

For driving directions to the center, click on the map below:

Fan of Baroque music?

Many of us are familiar with Baroque music as background music, something pleasant piped into public spaces to set the scene. What we hear at weddings, church services, and funerals often omits the more challenging pieces, leaving us with a stilted, limited view of what Baroque music is. yes, it is full of florid passages and pleasing harmonies, but it is also full of grit, fury, and fire; the sounds of battle, passion, and rage. With our program, Beautiful and Bizarre we show the wide range of colors and textures that Baroque music has to offer, and the vibrancy and vitality it brings us even four hundred years later.Jamaica Plain activities

TELEMANN Suite La Bizarre, Ouverture-Suite TWV 55:G2
BACH Komm, Jesu, Komm, BWV 229
BIBER Battalia a 10
GESUALDO Moro, Lasso
PURCELL Abdelazer or the Moor’s Revenge, Z.570
BACH Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G major, BWV 1048

Tickets available at the door or online at:

Get tickets to Jamaica Plain activities / CONCERTS : Palaver Strings’ Beautiful & Bizarre

Need something a bit more light hearted? Go see Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man at the historic Footlight Club!

Catch The Music Man November 4th-18th. Jamaica Plain activities

There’s trouble in River City when a fast-talking salesman gets his heart stolen by the town librarian.This Tony-award winning classic musical comedy is fun for the entire family!

If you haven’t experienced the Footlight Club, it’s a treat all in itself. No list of Jamaica Plain activities would be complete without inclusion of the Footlight Club!

The Footlight Club is America’s oldest community theater and has produced performances every year since 1877. The Footlight Club’s members have sustained the organization’s mission:

To present the best in non-professional theater to a broad-based audience, and to preserve and maintain Eliot Hall as a community resource.

Harpoon Brewery Present: Open Mic Night at the Midway!

November 5 @ 9:00 pm – November 6 @ 1:00 am

This is the new home of what was formerly the Kings Open Mic. Every Sunday, you can see some of the city’s best comedians, musicians, poets, sketch performers, and more. If you’re interested in performing at the mic, it’s super easy. Just arrive, put your name on a slip of paper in a beer pitcher, and next thing you know you’ll be onstage! Sets are 5 minutes or 2 songs, depending on what you do. Your hosts are Angela Sawyer and Gabe Stoddard, and they can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

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