Hyde Park

The southernmost neighborhood found in Boston is called Hyde Park. It’s a diverse area with a range of housing options. The motto for the neighborhood is “A Small Town in the City” which is just what you get. It has a suburban feel, yet it’s not a suburb of Boston, but a neighborhood.

The center of the neighborhood features the Neponset River, which provides amazing views throughout.  There are plenty of things to do here and it’s not uncommon for residents to live here for an entire lifetime.

Real Estate in Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is home to single-family houses, condos and multi-family developments. It’s a unique neighborhood offering plenty of housing options to choose from. Several Gothic Revival homes are found here with some Victorian options, as well. It’s common to find more affordable townhouses and condos and larger single-family homes with a higher price range in Hyde Park.

Many of the homes found throughout the neighborhood also provide a look at historic architectural styles. It’s common to find homes dating back to the late 19th century and early 20th century with several Italianate, Victorian and Gothic Revival examples in Hyde Park.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Hyde Park

The majority of the shopping, dining, and entertainment are found along Hyde Park Avenue, Fairmount Avenue, and River Street. The Cleary Business District and Logan Square Business District are found on these roads and provide the largest variety of things to do.

Papa Gino’s, The Fairmount Grille, Ricon Caribeno, and Little Haiti are just a few of the popular restaurants found in Hyde Park. There are several other local and chain restaurants found within the neighborhood for residents to enjoy.

Hyde Park is also home to the George Wright Golf Course, which is a very popular choice for outdoor recreation. Residents also enjoy access to the Smith Pond Playground, West Street Park, Factory Hill Playground, and many other green spaces found throughout the neighborhood.

Many of the buildings found within Cleary Square and Logan Square are considered to be historic. The Hyde Park YMCA dates back to 1902, while the Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church provides an example of English Gothic architecture from 1885. In addition, the Parish of Christ Church, the branch of the Boston Public Library, and Riverside Theatre Works are all historic buildings.

Living in Hyde Park

Hyde Park provides a rather popular neighborhood with plenty to offer. It’s convenient for those looking to enjoy the city and provides plenty of history throughout.