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One of the great things about searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA is the fact that you still get to live within the city limits. For home buyers searching for the perfect Boston suburb, West Roxbury will check just about every box possible. It’s filled with post-war ranch homes, great dining options, excellent shopping choices and so much more.

While this suburb is found within the city limits, it’s actually relatively affordable. Several of the single-family homes here fall into the $600K price range, which is a great price compared to the condo options found closer to downtown. The best part, West Roxbury is only about a 30-minute commute to the center of the city.

Home Pricing in West Roxbury, MA

The median single-family home in West Roxbury is $613K, while the median condo price is just $339K. It’s not uncommon to find a home with around 1,600 square feet for less than $600K. However, depending on the home, you may also find a three-bedroom home with around 1,600 square feet with a price closer to $700K.

Perks of Living in West Roxbury, MA

Homes for Sale in West Roxbury, MA

When you decide to start searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA, you will notice there are several perks to living here. While Jamaica Plain offers the Arboretum and you’ll gain access to Castle Island if you choose to live in South Boston, West Roxbury has its’ own perks. Two of the best parks in the Greater Boston Area are found here. Millennium Park and Brook Farm both offer several acres of green space to enjoy with plenty of great picnicking spots.

Brook Farm used to be a Utopian community in the 1800s. Today, it’s a National Historic Site with plenty to offer residents. Millennium Park offers residents a great place to enjoy walking with plenty of trails. It’s also home to playgrounds and offers a canoe launch along the river.

Real Estate is Rising in West Roxbury

While moving to West Roxbury may be intriguing for the location, the real estate options make it a great choice, as well. West Roxbury real estate is on the rise with values going up and plenty of buyers searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, MA.

If you decide you’d like to relocate to this wonderful Boston Suburb, be ready to handle the competition. Open houses are busy, bidding wars are common and buyers are seeking a single-family home within the suburb.

What Makes Homes for Sale in West Roxbury, MA so Popular?

While the many single-family homes priced around $600K attract plenty of buyers, West Roxbury also offers a quality neighborhood filled with places to go, things to do and great dining options. Centre Street is the main thoroughfare and offers several great shopping and dining options to enjoy. With so much found right in the suburb and a location just 30 minutes from the center of Boston, it’s a very popular place for all types of home buyers to enjoy.

Many young families ditch the condo in a nearby neighborhood for a single-family home in West Roxbury. It’s also a popular suburb for those relocating from another city. If you’re considering searching for homes for sale in West Roxbury, make sure you have the right local real estate agent helping you. With a good real estate agent on your side, it will be much easier to navigate the very competitive market found throughout this incredibly popular Boston Suburb.

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