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Boston is filled with museums, but not all of them are good for the family to enjoy. However, there are plenty of great choices for the entire family. If you want to get inside and enjoy a great family-friendly attraction in Boston, check out the following museums.

Boston Fire Museum

The Boston Fire Museum is a great choice for those that enjoy looking into the history of the fire department and firefighting. You’ll discover all types of antique fire trucks, equipment and so much more.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

A museum showing the history of the Boston Tea Party, along with some cool ships, this one is perfect for the family. You will be able to relive some of the American Revolution days and see the memorabilia from that time. Enjoy a guided tour for about an hour and see all kinds of Boston History throughout.

MIT Museum

MIT Museum

This is a great spot for kids as they love to explore the MIT Museum. They will find all kinds of ideas, innovations and inventions here. Kids love the interactive exhibits and there are also plenty of public programs here, too.

The MIT Museum is all about science and technology. It’s a great place to see your children’s eyes light up as they discover new things. If you have younger children, the MIT Museum may be the right choice.

Boston Children’s Museum

Yes, it’s geared towards children, but adults can enjoy the fun here, too. The Boston Children’s Museum offers exhibits for culture, health & fitness, the arts, science and more. Many of the exhibits are interactive via touch.

Museum of Science

Another one for kids to explore, the Museum of Science offers a life-sized dinosaur, along with plenty more. Kids will enjoy the lightning show, along with the ability to move around as they please. There’s also a Planetarium and an Omni theater.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

A wonderful museum with dinosaurs, stones, flowers, animals and fossils, the Harvard Museum of Natural History is great for all ages. It’s filled with plenty of exhibits to enjoy and kids love story time.

Boston is home to many great museums for the entire family. These are just a few of the great family-friendly museums for all ages in Boston.

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