Named after a coastal town found in England, Weymouth was incorporated back in 1635. It’s an older city with plenty of history throughout and plenty for residents to be excited about.

Located in Norfolk County, Weymouth is considered to be a suburb of Boston. It’s one of only 13 Massachusetts municipalities to be known as “The Town of” in the official name.

Real Estate in Weymouth

Real Estate in Weymouth

One of the major reasons Weymouth is popular with home buyers is the affordability. In fact, it’s known as one of the most affordable towns in the South Shore area.

Union Point is one of the biggest residential developments in Weymouth. When it comes to Weymouth real estate, this section of the town is where buyers migrate. It’s home to about 4,000 total homes including both condos and single-family homes. The development also offers about 6 million square feet of commercial space and 50 miles of walking trails.

Affordability is found throughout all the real estate options in Weymouth. With condos coming in at an average price right around $375K and single-family homes coming in around $460K, it’s one of the most affordable towns near Boston. There are some multi-family real estate options here, as well.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Weymouth

Offering a great small-town atmosphere with plenty of access to Boston, The Town of Weymouth provides plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Greenbush Line and the Old Country Line offer options for residents to enjoy the rest of Boston, as well.

Weymouth is home to plenty of historic attractions, such as the house where Abigail Adams grew up. In addition, it’s home to 43 parks, memorials, recreation areas, and playgrounds including Great Esker Park and Abigail Adams State Park.

Residents living within The Town of Weymouth also enjoy easy access to both Peddocks Island and Grape Island. Both of these islands offer plenty of outdoor recreation.

Living in Weymouth

The Town of Weymouth offers plenty for home buyers to be excited about. It’s a popular suburb of Boston found in the South Shore area. As one of the most affordable towns in the Boston area, many home buyers relocating to Boston choose Weymouth as their new home.

Living in Weymouth offers a great alternative to those working in Boston and the surrounding area. There are several outdoor things to do here and Weymouth real estate is a rather affordable option near Boston.