Jamaica Plain – Woodbourne

Woodbourne is a sub-neighborhood found in Boston’s very popular Jamaica Plain neighborhood. It’s found between Wachusett Street, Walk Hill Street, Goodway Street, and to the south of Forest Hills.

This sub-neighborhood is actually known as the Woodbourne Historic District due to the many historic properties found throughout. It was developed in the early 20th century and features plenty of unique homes and buildings throughout.

Real Estate in Woodbourne

Real Estate in Woodbourne

Many homes found throughout the Woodbourne Historic District are examples of some of the most famous local architects and builders in Boston. Some of the architects and builders represented here include:

  • Woodbury & Stuart
  • Murdock Boyle
  • Frederic H. Gowing
  • Munhall & Holmes

In addition, there’s an unusual garden city housing development from Boston Dwelling House Company found here, which includes designs from Kalama & Hopkins and Charles Colleens.

Some consider Woodbourne to be a part of Forest Hills as they are very close to each other and fairly similar in design.

It’s not uncommon to find condos within the area, along with apartments. Many of the area condos provide plenty of living space with more than 1,300 square feet. Most are found in renovated buildings, but some are a bit newer.

Originally, Woodbourne was developed to provide affordable housing for workers between 1911 and 1945. However, over time, the housing has changed a bit and the area now draws more affluent home buyers. Many of the historic homes are now looked at as very charming.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Woodbourne

The majority of Woodbourne is residential and not many shopping, dining, or entertainment options are found directly within the borders of this sub-neighborhood. However, as a part of the larger Jamaica Plain neighborhood, residents gain easy access to several great places for dining and shopping, along with plenty of entertainment.

Residents can easily access the Mass Audubon’s Boston Nature Center and the Parkman Playground. Both are found just outside the Woodbourne neighborhood. In addition, the entire neighborhood is surrounded by beautiful green space. The Clark/Cooper Community Garden is nearby and Healy Field isn’t far away, either.

The Arnold Arboretum is also found just outside the neighborhood offering about 265 acres of green space. While there may not be many dining or shopping options within the neighborhood, residents enjoy easy access to the rest of Jamaica Plain from this location.

Living in Woodbourne

Choosing to live in Jamaica Plain is a huge decision. However, once you’ve chosen this popular Boston neighborhood, you will want to find the right sub-neighborhood. Those seeking a popular historic area will enjoy living in Woodbourne.