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Although Jamaica Plain is not a large section of Boston, it is divided into many smaller communities, each with its own personality and advantages. If you’re considering Jamaica Plain real estate, I’m happy to give you a tour of the entire area, explaining the pros and cons of each neighborhood.

Jamaica Plain real estate

Something for everyone

The inhabitants of Jamaica Plain are a diverse group of artists, students, professionals, bohemian types, senior citizens, and so on, and a great deal of racial, financial, religious and lifestyle diversity. For me, the greatest thing about Jamaica Plain is its green space and walkability. Because of this, the quality of life is very high.

Jamaica Plain is the green heart of Boston

Thanks to Frederick Law Olmsted and his Emerald Necklace, Jamaica Plain has an amazing, inter-linked park and public green space network comprised of Franklin Park, Forest Hills Cemetery, Arnold Arboretum, the Southwest Corridor, Jamaica Pond and all of the parkland that connects them. You can walk or ride your bike on miles of trails, relax under a beautiful tree in the Arboretum or go sailing on Jamaica Pond!

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