West Roxbury

Found between Roslindale and Hyde Park, West Roxbury is a popular neighborhood in Boston. It’s often confused with Roxbury, but these two neighborhoods are not connected. In fact, they are separated by Roslindale and Jamaica Plain. The neighborhood is located about 30 minutes from downtown Boston, making it easy to commute to the city.

The neighborhood used to be home to Brook Farm, which was an experimental transcendentalist Utopian community. In fact, the novel from Nathaniel Hawthorne called The Blithedale Romance was based on his time within the community.

Real Estate in West Roxbury

Real Estate in West Roxbury

A large amount of the real estate in West Roxbury is single-family homes. Compared to some of the condos found closer to downtown Boston, West Roxbury homes are a bit more affordable.

While there is an abundance of single-family homes here, there are also several condos to choose from. It’s common to find single-family homes hovering around the $600K mark, while condos are usually priced a bit closer to the $350K mark.

These numbers are a bit more affordable than some of the other Boston neighborhood, but that may change soon. West Roxbury home values continue to rise as it becomes a more popular place to live. Due to the affordability, it’s not uncommon to see buyers moving from more expensive neighborhoods, such as Jamaica Plain into West Roxbury.

In addition, it’s common for those looking to upgrade from a condo to a single-family home to come from other Boston neighborhoods to West Roxbury. The single-family homes tend to offer a bit more space and backyards, which can be very appealing for many Boston home buyers.

As one of the popular Boston suburbs, West Roxbury real estate checks plenty of boxes for buyers. Plenty of post-war ranch houses are found here, which are very attractive properties for buyers in Boston.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in West Roxbury

Along with the affordability, West Roxbury offers plenty of great restaurants, shopping options, and entertainment options. There are several great parks to enjoy, such as Millennium Park, which covers 100 acres. This park includes a canoe launch, playgrounds, and trails with a portion along the Charles River.

In addition, the neighborhood is home to Sugar Bakery, plenty of great annual events, and all types of unique historic attractions. Many of the best shops, restaurants, and entertainment options are found along Centre Street. Residents can also easily gain access to plenty other areas of Boston from West Roxbury.

Living in West Roxbury

The incredible affordability of West Roxbury real estate is one of the main reasons home buyers decide to move here. However, this Boston neighborhood is also filled with plenty of great attractions, dining options, shops, and so much more. Living in West Roxbury usually means a bit more space and a location allowing residents to enjoy the entire city.