Roxbury used to be a municipality, but it is known as an official Boston neighborhood. It used to be a farming town on the outskirts of Boston, but Boston grew and today, it’s a diverse community offering plenty of thriving business districts, great parks and so much more.

The community embraces culture, as well with many attractions, such as the Roxbury Center and the Museum of the National Center for African-American Artists.

Real Estate in Roxbury

Real Estate in Roxbury

Filled with plenty of historic architecture, Roxbury offers a popular place for many to call home. It’s a bit more affordable than some of the other Boston neighborhoods and the locating makes it a bit of a spillover for college students from Fenway and Mission Hill.

The real estate in Roxbury includes condos and single-family homes with plenty to choose from. There are several historic properties throughout the neighborhood and plenty of unique areas. The Fort Hill/Highland Park area is a very popular section of Roxbury and many consider it to be a good alternative to the South End Boston neighborhood.

Along with the condos and single-family homes, the neighborhood has started to see some energy-efficient townhouses popping up. There’s plenty of value in the real estate found in Roxbury and many homes for sale throughout.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Roxbury

Blue Hill Avenue is the hot spot in Roxbury with plenty of local businesses and places to go. The neighborhood also offers many parks and a public golf course for those looking to get outside and enjoy some recreation. In addition, Roxbury offers many other attractions to enjoy throughout the area.

New businesses are popping up throughout the main districts of Crosstown, Grove Hall, and Dudley Square often. Roxbury also offers easy access to several of the best attractions found throughout Boston.

The neighborhood is also known for many great events including the Roxbury International Film Festival held every year and the Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. The Roxbury Community College also provides the MainStage Theater with several events throughout the year.

Living in Roxbury

When you choose to call Roxbury home, you’ll gain a location giving you plenty of access to Boston. It’s a more affordable neighborhood compared to some of the other Boston options and offers plenty of things to do. Living in Roxbury may be the right decision and the neighborhood is certainly worth a look.