One of the best neighborhoods in Boston, Dorchester is a historic neighborhood covering more than six square miles of space. It was once a separate town before becoming a part of the city. The neighborhood is considered to be the largest and the most diverse in the city.

Due to the diversity, Dorchester has become a very popular place to live. It’s rather vibrant with plenty of unique cultures all throughout.

Real Estate in Dorchester


The housing options in Dorchester range quite a bit. It’s filled with many smaller sub-neighborhoods, which are all very unique in their own right. The smaller neighborhoods in Dorchester include:

  • Adams Village
  • Ashmont
  • Cedar Grove
  • Dorchester Center
  • Field Corner
  • Melville
  • Jones Hill
  • Lower Mills
  • Port Norfolk
  • Savin Hill

Each of these neighborhoods offers something a bit different with a side variety of housing options. Single-family homes, condos, apartments, townhouses, and other property styles are all found throughout Dorchester. There’s something here for just about any budget and any taste.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Dorchester

The mix of different cultures causes a very unique opportunity for residents to enjoy great shopping, dining, and entertainment. Several boutique stores are found all throughout, along with popular chain stores and department stores. Dorchester is also home to several restaurants to choose from and plenty of unique options.

Franklin Park is one of the main attractions in Dorchester. It’s known as the “crown jewel” of the Emerald Necklace Park System with more than 527 acres to enjoy. The park is home to a public golf course, a zoo and plenty of things to do. In addition, Dorchester is home to the Pope John Paul II Park with plenty of paths for biking and walking.

Along with green space, this large neighborhood includes plenty of blue space.  Pope John Paul II Park actually sits on the river, while plenty of harbor beaches and boating amenities are found throughout the community, as well. Dorchester is even home to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

Living in Dorchester

Choosing to live in Dorchester means you will have access to some of the best the city of Boston has to offer. It’s filled with great attractions, shopping options, and dining choices. With the close location to many other popular areas in Boston, residents often enjoy plenty of other areas in the city, as well. Those seeking a diverse place to call home with plenty of culture will love Dorchester.