As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston, you’ll discover plenty of history in Charlestown. It was originally known as Mishawum and it’s found on a peninsula. The Charles River is found to the south and the neighborhood is across from downtown Boston.

Today, the neighborhood is a large residential area with plenty of historic sites found throughout. It’s a popular place to call home and has become known as the hometown of “The Town.”

Real Estate in Charlestown


Charlestown is an up-and-coming luxury neighborhood with many homes found on the water. It used to be a working-class community but has become a very popular place for wealthy homeowners and young professionals. Homes in Charlestown are very desirable.

It’s not uncommon to find luxury condos, townhouses, and studio apartments throughout the neighborhood. In addition, there are several historic homes here and some triple-decker homes. While it’s a luxury neighborhood, it’s actually more affordable than many other Boston neighborhoods.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious waterfront property, an antique townhouse or a modern luxurious condo, you’ll find it here. Even the multi-family homes are starting to be renovated into amazing luxury condos throughout the area.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Charleston

While the housing comes in a variety of forms, the things to do are a bit lacking in Charleston. There are still several great things to do, but compared to some of the other Boston neighborhoods, it’s a bit less in here.

Some shopping options are found throughout the neighborhood, but residents will find more shopping in nearby communities. The same is true of dining with a few good options, such as Pier 6 and Brewer’s Fork. In addition, Charlestown is home to Monument Restaurant & Tavern, 99 Restaurants, The Warren Tavern, and Tangierino. More dining options can be found in neighboring communities.

Warren Tavern is actually a historic spot as it opened back in 1780. In addition, Charleston is home to the Bunker Hill Monument, Constitution Yacht Charter, and the USS Constitution and Charlestown Navy Yard.

The HarborWalk is popular and allows residents to enjoy waterfront views. There are several parks and green spaces found throughout the neighborhood, as well. More things to do and places to go can easily be found nearby as the neighborhood is just a short ferry ride from downtown Boston.

Living in Charleston

A very sought after neighborhood, Charlestown attracts a wide variety of home buyers. It’s more affordable than some of the other Boston neighborhoods and offers plenty of luxury options, as well. Living here allows you to escape the city, yet have easy access to the city when you want to enjoy it.