Bay Village

The neighborhood of Bay Village is the smallest in Boston. It’s only home to about 837 housing units and just over 1,300 residences. The total size of the neighborhood is just about six square blocks.

Even though it’s a small neighborhood, this Village is filled with plenty of history. Many locals consider this neighborhood to be one of the best-kept secrets of Boston.

Bay Village shows off Boston from the earlier times. There’s plenty of enclaves to discover and plenty of history you will discover here. In addition, it’s just a couple blocks from the Theatre District and the Public Garden.

Real Estate in Bay Village

Bay Village

Plenty of original red brick Federal Period townhouses are found throughout Bay Village. It’s known for these unique row houses, along with the Art Deco buildings and the Victorian homes. You will also discover English Neoclassic houses, Greek Revival townhouses and many other housing options here.

Some of the former Art Deco warehouses have been converted into luxury condo buildings, as well. There are plenty of other condos found throughout the area, as well. Many of the homes could easily be mistaken for smaller versions of the townhouses found in Beacon Hill.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Bay Village

While there isn’t much found in Bay Village due to its’ very small size, the neighborhood is located near some of the best Boston has to offer. The Public Garden and Boston Common are both found just a few blocks away and Copley Square is also located nearby. Two parks sit right outside the neighborhood Borders: Statler Park and Elliot Norton Park. In addition, the Bay Village Neighborhood Park and a couple of smaller parts are found within the borders.

This small neighborhood is home to Grill 23 & Bar, along with Mike & Patty’s and Da Vinci Ristorante. Club Cafe is found right outside the border, along with plenty of other restaurants, such as Maggiano’s Little Italy and the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery.

Of course, the neighborhood is home to the Theater District. It was once known as the Church Street District and some locals still refer to this Village as the Church Street District.

Living in Bay Village

While it’s not a huge neighborhood, Bay Village has plenty to offer. It’s a hidden gem in Boston and provides one of the finest locations you will find. With plenty of things to do and places to see nearby, it could be the perfect place to call home.