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Commuters have always had the difficult task of trying to get around Boston. As one of the most congested cities in the world, Boston can often be hard to get around. However, the city is making some changes with hopes to make it easier for commuters throughout the city.

Many projects have been announced to help with the transportation issue within the city. Here are some of the most promising projects commuters can look forward to in Boston.

Green Line is Growing

There will be 24 new Green Line cars, which means transportation on this line will become easier. These new cars are being added in anticipation of a Green Line extension through Somerville and into Medford. In addition, older cars will be cycled out for repairs.

The new cars will also be some of the roomier and most modern with the same number of seats, but 10% more room for passengers due to more standing room.

Hours Extended for Buses


The MBTA added 282 new bus trips per week, which started in September. This was done in an effort to help riders who work late use the bus to get to and from work, specifically those trying to commute to Logan Airport.

Some routes were merged for the extended hours. If these routes are used enough, the MBTA will consider adding even more late-night/early-morning services.

I addition, the bus system is looking into the possibility of revamping bus routes. The 15 key routes will not be touched, but others may be changes and new routes may be rolled out in middle 2020.

Tap and Go Payment for the T

The MBTA will be switching to an all-electronic fare-collection system by 2020, as well. This move will allow riders to literally tap and go for trolleys or bushes. You won’t have to have any cash on-board anymore and you can easily get your fare paid without so much hassle.

These are just a few of the things in store to help make transportation in Boston much easier. The city also has bike share programs growing like crazy and plenty of other projects in the mix to ensure commuters can get around easier.

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