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The public bike share program in Boston is growing. It’s getting bigger and it’s becoming better. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the program added 75 new stations throughout the city of Boston. This year, another 25 bike share stations are going to be added with new neighborhoods making the list.

The service area is expanding to Eastern Roslindale, along with a few others areas of the city.

$1 Million Allocated in the FY20 Budget for the Public Bike Share

Mayor Walsh allocated $1 million for the bike share program in Boston in the FY20 Budget. The funding will be used to expand the system to a few specific areas, including:

  • Eastern Roslindale
  • Southern Dorchester
  • Eastern Mattapan
  • Areas of West Roxbury

The exact locations have yet to be determined.

Typical Blue Bikes Stations

Boston Bike Share Expansion

Most of the Blue Bikes stations will include 19 bikes, a kiosk for renting, a solar panel and a map panel. They cover nearly 52 feet of space, and some of the stations are smaller, but this is the size of a common bike station from Blue Bikes. Some stations may be larger, as well.

Typically, the bike share stations are put in very dense areas with plenty of foot traffic. These stations make it easier to ensure those wanting to use the program have the opportunity to do so. Often, the stations are found near each other so that bikers can easily find another station if one is empty. Plus, studies have shown more people will use the bikes if the stations are found close to each other.

Throughout the summer, there will be meetings and surveys in the four areas mentioned above to help determine where the bike share stations should go.

Once the selection process is completed, new bike share stations will be put in these four neighborhood areas. This will help to expand Blue Bikes to more neighborhoods and more areas within current neighborhoods.

With Blue Bikes expanding, there’s a good possibility of a new station coming to a street near you. If you live in one of the four target areas, be on the lookout for the new bike share stations as 25 total stations will be added to the already robust system throughout the year.

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