I needed a realtor who knew the city’s outskirts like the back of their hand.

Will was definitely the right one for the job.

Earlier this year, when I looked to start my home search in earnest, I was put into contact with Will Brokhof through a colleague. I knew I wanted to stay in or as close to the Boston area as possible, and I needed a realtor who knew the city’s outskirts like the back of their hand. Will was definitely the right one for the job. Through many showings and open houses, he helped me narrow my search to Jamaica Plain and Roslindale. By seeing a lot of variety, I also narrowed in on condos versus single family homes. Conducting a home search alone is a bit intimidating, and while I sometimes wanted Will to just tell me what do do, he was great at objectively helping me see the pros and cons of each opportunity so I could make informed decisions. I felt confident at each home that we saw that Will would be able to speak to the neighborhood, the stability of the investment, and the quality of the home with great authority. Ultimately, Will negotiated a last minute showing on a property upon my return from a vacation. With his help, I made an offer just within the deadline, and my offer was accepted hours later. While over asking, the comps in the area and the potential for the neighborhood justified the cost and gave me the edge over 10 other offers. While no home search goes perfectly, my experience was about as smooth as could be expected, and I would definitely work with Will again for my next home search!

Rachael A.

Former Buyer Client

I cannot recommend a real estate agent more highly than Will Brokhof of The Boston Home Team.

Will has expertly handled the purchase of two homes for us, and the sale of one. We returned to him seven years after our first transaction together because we were so impressed with his ability to navigate our target market (JP, Roslindale), his expertise in everything from staging, to negotiation, to resale value, to landscaping. We relied on him for every step (movers, storage, staging, inspectors, real estate lawyer) and he always came through. If you want to find the best home for you, for the best price, and if you want to sell your home quickly and efficiently, Will is the broker for you.

Rebekah P.

Former Client

My wife and I couldn’t be happier!

In 2013 my wife and I purchased a home in Roslindale, MA using William Brokhof as our agent. My wife and I couldn’t be happier!

Will took the time to meet with us personally at our current home to go over the details of what we were looking for in our next purchase. He took the time to listen to all of our concerns and to explain to us what the process working with him was going to be like. He’s a real go-getter!

We got to work that weekend going to open houses and started seeing what inventory was available in the areas we were looking in. Will always took the time to meet us before the open houses (if we wanted, sometimes we met him there) and always offered to chaperone us around town as we viewed various homes. He also never minded us needing to take the time and stop for coffee (if you haven’t been house hunting yet, it can be tiring finding exactly what you are looking for!) We traveled all across the greater Boston area and Will was always knowledgeable about the homes we were visiting and the neighborhoods they were in.

Another great thing about Will is that he is also very knowledgeable about home construction techniques used over the past century (at least), home renovation, and design. While sometimes we didn’t like what we were seeing, he was able to explain to us what the property could be with a little imagination. Basically, Will could easily be on one of those HGTV shows where they feature a home buyer looking for a great deal on a place and then remodeling it to be exactly what they want. All for less money than they would have paid for a already remodeled turnkey home.

In the end we purchased a home in Roslindale and are completely satisfied with both the home and Will’s services. In a time when inventory was low, Will managed to get us a private showing of a property before it went to open house. This saved us thousands by avoiding a bidding war! By then he knew exactly what we were looking for. He saw the opportunity on the property and got us in there immediately.

I won’t go on forever, but I would be impressed if anyone wasn’t satisfied with Will Brokhof’s services as a Home Buyer’s Agent.

Jakob K.

Former Buyer Client

Will Brokof was our buying real estate agent for our first home purchase.

Will Brokhof is an exceptional realtor. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Boston area, especially Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and West Roxbury (although he also helped our friends in Somerville find their place).

Will is quite knowledgeable about these neighborhoods; he knows the types of homes that are in them but also specifically the kind we would be looking at within our price range. He helped us navigate through all the “next steps” (this was our first home buying experience) and connected us with several valuable players (like an attorney, and a mortgage broker) who all helped make what can be a very overwhelming experience less so –

He had a boundless energy when it came to visiting open houses – and when we were ready to make an offer he advised us on how to set the price, and how to negotiate afterwards. I can’t stress enough how important his realistic optimism was throughout this entire process – particularly when we lost out on one of our first offers – he helped us get back on the wagon, and then lined up several more places for us check out.

What’s more, he has stayed in touch with us through our first major renovation, giving us insight in how we want to add value to our property in this current dynamic market, but celebrating our excitement in our new home!

Laura Bragg

Former Buyer Client

My husband and I worked with Will to purchase our first home in Somerville.

We found Will and Boston Home Team after looking online and trying to find a realtor who we thought we could stand to work with. We’d met a few who really did not get what we were looking for or who we were. They kept trying to push us to the suburbs and find “nice houses” all fixed up by someone clearly trying to flip a place–and of course good school systems. What we really wanted was someone who understood that there’s something special about a city neighborhood and that some hard work will reveal gems in these old houses. When Will took us around on tour it was obvious to us that he had a real love for JP and deep understanding of Dorchester. Also, very importantly, he was not soulless, he was direct and he provoked us to think. We actually learned a lot about houses and what to look for in a renovation project from him and he really did put us on the right path, even if we diverged later and asked his to help us buy a place in Somerville, where our hearts were, even if his particular expertise was not. He was game and did a great job working through some fairly sleazy and stressful situations as we tried to close. He kept us pretty calm and assured in what we were doing and I can’t imagine having gone through the process with any of the other realtors we’d met along the way. Will’s unique and he’s great to work with. A highly recommended companion through the horrible process of buying in this area.

Emilie Hardman & Joshua Walczak

Former Buyer Client

He knows the market and how to maximize it

When you work with Will and the Boston Home Team, they work FOR YOU. We enlisted him to help us buy a house that didn’t meet minimum occupancy standards in the middle of the housing crisis of 2009 . We had to get a 203K loan through the federal government, we were trying to purchase the home from a lawyer/executer, and there was complexity and uncertainty at every turn. Will was calm, helpful, and navigated the evolving drama with us in a truly helpful way. He can be trusted to do everything possible to get your needs met, whether it’s buying your dream home or selling your home for the best price. He knows the market and how to maximize it!

Flavia G.

Former Buyer Client

Will made it an educational and fun process

My girlfriend and I were first time home buyers in February 2010. We started looking for a home on our own, we then decided to use ZipRealty. The Realtors on ZipRealty that we kept getting set up with were impersonal, and took a very long time to get back to us. Being first time home buyers, we really did not know much about the process, except our approximate price range, and the all of the amenities that we were looking for. We found the Boston Home Team in the Jamaica Plain area where we were very interested in buying. After setting up an appointment we met with William Brokof who took an entire night to go over all of the paperwork we would be seeing, and basically walked us through the entire process of buying a home, realizing that we may not even choose him as our realtor. Our meeting with him impressed us both and we decided to go with Will as our guide through the long process of buying a home. He thought it was important to show us properties that we would not like and properties that were a little on the higher end just so that we could get perspective into what were necessities and what we could live without. We thank him for his patience as he eventually steered us to the house that both of us fell in love with and bought. We started looking in February, and closed on April 30th, Will made it an educational and fun process with an extremely happy ending, and of course was there for us ever step of the way from walking through the properties, answering questions, and closing. He even set us up with a number of his own resources from people who helped us get approved for our mortgage, to lawyers that helped with the actual closing. I can quite honestly say that i didn’t think that home buying was going to be so painless. I strongly recommend Will Brokof if you are looking for an individual who goes above and beyond to get you the home that you will want to make your own.

Chris C.

Former Buyer Client

We have always felt he was doing everything possible on our behalf

My husband and I have worked with Will on three projects during the last eight years, and only hope that he will still be doing this work the next time we need him! He is smart and honest and creative in his thinking – he is also just fun to work with under less than fun circumstances. We have always felt he was doing everything possible on our behalf.

Julie W.

Former Client

He helped us sort through what was a crowded market, and helped us find a gem

Will Brokhof was our buyer’s agent in 2008 when we were looking for a home in JP. He helped us sort through what was a crowded market, and helped us find a gem. But as good a buyer’s agent as Will is, he’s an even better seller’s agent. He helped us sell our house when we had to quickly move in the spring of 2011 (dream job offer out-of-state). Will helped us get our house ready for sale, and when the time came, we sold it for $500 more than our asking price after one day on the market. Read that again– even though we were desperate to sell, and especially desperate to sell quickly, and despite a pretty tough market,


If you list with someone else you are throwing money and time away.

Mike A.

Former Client

Straight from the get-go, he was calm, warm, and professional

My wife and I worked with William Brokhof to buy our condo in JP. Straight from the get-go, he was calm, warm, and professional. We were concerned about working with a Real Estate agent because we’ve heard that they can sometimes seem nice while they are simultaneously lying to you, or manipulating the situation in their favor. Will was the exact opposite. When we later got into a situation where we were one of two bidders for the condo we really wanted, he stayed up late to do everything he could to help us come out on top. The thing I liked the most about working with him was his no nonsense and clearheaded way to approaching these inevitable real estate problems. When we move in the future, Will will be our man again, and I recommend you make him yours ASAP!

Carpenter A.

Former Client

We liked Will so well that we recommended him to our friends

I used this guy! Will’s cool. We would go into houses and be all oh hey, look, they got a shiny new refrigerator, we should buy this one! because we’re idiots, and then Will would go down to the basement and point out a huge crack in the foundation. We miss these sorts of things. We are distracted by shiny things. We ended up getting a great deal on a house with a crappy old refrigerator and a solid foundation, and we just bought a new fridge. That was a good idea, because fridges are cheaper than foundations.

He knows Jamaica Plain absolutely cold!

We liked Will so well that we recommended him to our friends, and they were happy with him too, so that ought to prove that I mean it.

Coincidentally, he was recommended to us by another Yelper, the gone-and-totally-forgotten Dan P. – that dude went to law school and totally sold out. So if you use them for your real estate people it’ll be like continuing a long, proud tradition.

Alex R.

Former Buyer Client

It’s difficult NOT to get excited about this neighborhood after talking to Will

My husband and I were first time homebuyers AND new to Boston when we started working with Will. When we decided we wanted to buy there was no question that Will would be our buyer’s agent. He knows every block of JP and is heavily involved in the community (ie. proactively helping to improve the quality and safety in JP). Quite simply he lives and breathes JP!!! It’s difficult NOT to get excited about this neighborhood after talking to Will.

After a couple of weeks of looking at houses in our price range and not finding anything that we were absolutely in LOVE with–I was beginning to get a little discouraged that we would not find the ‘perfect’ place. Will kept us encouraged and one morning I saw an MLS listing for the a condo that looked PERFECT for us. When we called Will around 10AM and he told us that he already had an appointment for us to see the place. Of course we instantly fell in love with the condo and with Will’s help we put an offer in the next day. We were the first buyers to see the house and I sincerely do not think we would have gotten the house if that were not the case (the location and layout is very unique to the area). He also kept us in check as to what we SHOULD be paying for the house.

Thanks to Will being in tune to what our needs AND wants were, we’ll be happily living in JP for a long time!

Cathy M.

Former Buyer Client

I know him as a tough and informed negotiator who won’t sleep until his clients are happy

As a Realtor working in this neighborhood, I know first hand which agents are knowledgeable, professional and care for their clients. Will Brokhof is undoubtedly one of those agents. As his colleague I appreciate Will’s hard work and professional insight. As his competitor, I know him as a tough and informed negotiator who won’t sleep until his clients are happy. A buyer or seller will find themselves in more than capable hands when they choose to work with Will and the Boston Home Team.



Thankfully, we listed with Will, and sold our house in one day for 5% more than we bought it for in 2006

Conventional wisdom in early 2010 for home sellers:

  • Not a good time to sell (buyer’s market)
  • Expect to be on the market for a long time
  • Don’t expect to get 2005/06 prices

Thankfully, we listed with Will, and sold our house in one day for 5% more than we bought it for in 2006.

Sure, we had a beautiful condo in a great JP location. But Will did an excellent job of setting the price, marketing the open house, guiding us on staging, managing a bidding war, and most importantly, setting our expectations (which he then exceeded.)

He’s not your typical hyper-caffeinated-hampster-in-a-Mercedes realtor, and has a seemingly laconic approach, but that masks great real estate intuition and a lot of hard work. He knows JP inside out, and you won’t go wrong with him on either end of the transaction.

Josh R.

Former Client

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Mary Mo
Mary Mo
23:11 04 Mar 18
Will has a wonderful understanding of houses and knew immediately what to look for in each place. He was always honest and we really valued his opinion. And one of the best parts about Will is that he is truly in love with the real estate in JP and his enthusiasm is contagious. It was a pleasure to work with Will!
Eric S
Eric S
16:41 05 Nov 17
Will helped me both sell my condo and buy a house within two and a half short months last fall. He gave me sensible advice about preparing my condo for sale, helped me with the staging, and took great pictures. He was always happy to answer questions, whether or not they were strictly part of his job, and was a good source of referrals concerning moving, repairs, or just generally all things real estate. That made things so much easier for me considering the tight scheduling involved. Will was attentive and responsive throughout the whole purchase and sale process. He really knows the neighborhood and encouraged me to look in areas I hadn't known as well, which widened my options. He was pleasant to deal with, professional throughout, and by remaining calm helped me do so too whenever things became fraught. We achieved great results too, as my condo sold for 15% above asking price and I bought below asking. I will turn to Will for any future real estate needs and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
Jeffrey Carbone
Jeffrey Carbone
23:03 30 Oct 17
This was my second time using Will as an agent, and he did not disappoint. Not only did he sell our condo for well over asking, he got us a great deal on our new home in JP. We couldn't be happier. Will knows the market, the Boston neighborhoods, and he is a great advocate on t behalf of his clients because of that. Will is the type of guy that will look out for your best interest, he's honest, and he is someone that is genuinely nice to know. I would highly recommend his services.
Jennifer Effron
Jennifer Effron
13:38 30 Oct 17
We worked with Will and he was just incredibly helpful throughout the entire process (which was about a year for us). Will was diligent about sending us listings as they popped on the market and also willing to go the extra mile by looking into comps and speaking with sellers agents whenever there was a property we were interested in. He was super patient with us as we muddled through and always gave us sound advice and feedback on particular properties. When we finally found our fixer-upper Will really shined. He confidently helped us through the offer process and helped us to make an offer that was sound yet not overly zealous. We trusted his sense and couldn't be happier! Will was also always a pleasure to see on our many house tours. Highly recommend!
Justin Crotty
Justin Crotty
02:49 30 Oct 17
We had a great experience with Will. I'll be calling him with my real estate questions for as long as I have them. He's knowledgeable, reliable and a pleasure to work with. We were particularly impressed with his knowledge and eye for structural issues with the properties we looked at. It was very reassuring having someone who knows this stuff take a look and he helped us avoid a few nasty situations. I'd recommend him to anyone.
Dave Lambertson
Dave Lambertson
21:39 26 Oct 17
5.0 star rating 10/26/2017 The Boston Home Team, and William Brokhof as a seller's agent was exceptional. Will's knowledge of the local area is outstanding. We used him as our buyer's agent and were quite happy with his professionalism and interpersonal skills and so were more than happy to choose him to represent us as a seller's agent. He provided sage advice to the timing and pricing of our property that was spot on for the market demands. He then put in a lot of time taking us step by step through the selling process and gave us his opinion on what would work best for our property. Once the property was ready to sell, his photography and social media presence generated maximum foot traffic to our open houses. Once we had an offer, well above asking, Kyle was exceptionally professional and helpful, even going the extra mile by meeting at our apartment during a busy week! I would not hesitate to recommend Will to anyone thinking about buying or selling in Boston!
Leo McNeil
Leo McNeil
21:40 20 Sep 17
Will was enormously helpful in the search for our house. As first time buyers in a ridiculously competitive marketplace, it's easy to let emotions overwhelm and lead buyers to make decisions they'd regret for multiple reasons. My fiance and I came close to an impulse buy a few times, but Will was able to contextualize what a decision of this magnitude meant and factors we overlooked in the process that we should be considering. He could have easily said 'go for it' and been on his way, but he gave a thorough analysis as to why a particular house would or would not make sense. I would not hesitate to recommend Will to home buyers in the future. He's thorough, blunt (which I appreciate) and genuinely looks out for your best interests.
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Taffie G.
Taffie G.
2017-11-04 06:19:52
William Brokhof is an asset to this team. He is very helpful and makes himself available to you every step of the home-buying process and after!...
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
2017-10-30 16:03:09
This was my second time using Will as an agent, and he did not disappoint. Not only did he sell our condo for well over asking, he got us a great deal on...
J.P. H.
J.P. H.
2017-10-26 12:33:48
Will helped us buy our home earlier this year. We were difficult customers - looking at places all over the city at different price points and getting into...