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Boston is filled with wonderful waterfront parks resident can enjoy throughout the year. The summer months are a great time to hit one of these excellent parks and enjoy the warm weather.

Many of the waterfront parks throughout Boston are very easily accessible and provide plenty of convenience for many residents. Here’s a look at some of the best parks you will find in Boston right on the water.

Langone Park

A Frederic Law Olmsted gem, this park offers a popular North End option with plenty of things going on here. It’s a great spot for Little League baseball and Langone Park also provides three bocce ball courts. There’s a playground and plenty to see at this top waterfront park.

You can find Langone Park at 529-534 Commercial Street.

Fan Pier Park

If you want to be in the middle of the action, Fan Pier Park is for you. The location is simply amazing with plenty to see and plenty to do all nearby. You can enjoy the many tables and chairs throughout the area and check out the scenery from the lookout terrace.

Fan Pier Park is found near the Financial District.

Castle Island

A very popular spot for those looking to be near the water, Castle Island is rather unique. It’s a 22-acre state park and home to Fort Independence. You can enjoy plenty of green space along HarborWalk, along with area attractions, such as the JFK Library. Carson Beach and Marine Park are also found near Castle Island.


While it’s not much of a park, this boardwalk stretches about 43 total miles, which makes it one of the longest linear parks in all of urban America. It’s one of the best areas for walking and enjoying incredible views in Boston. HarborWalk covers many top neighborhoods including Charlestown, East Boston, Back Bay, and Beacon Hill.

Marine Park

Another waterfront option found close to Pleasure Bay, Marine Park offers a playground, athletic fields and large lawns. There’s even a famous bandstand here.

Marine Park is located at 49 Farragut Road.

Deer Island

While it’s not 100% in Boston, Deer Island is a great park to enjoy. You can walk along the 2.6-mile pathway and enjoy waterfront views. You’ll also find another 2 miles of trails, which will take you further inland here.

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

The spray springs is very popular here in the summer, along with the playground and the public art. This park was developed in the 1970s and provides one of the best choices for a waterfront park in Boston.

South Boston Maritime Park

A part of the redevelopment for the Southie waterfront, South Boston Maritime Park offers a beautiful spot with a three-section cafe and plenty of outdoor seating. It’s home to pergolas and right across from the Eastport Park.

Boston is home to several waterfront parks you can enjoy. Whether you recently relocated to Boston or you’re just looking for a new park to enjoy, try one of these top waterfront parks in Bost

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