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An excellent spot to enjoy in Roslindale, Ma, Distraction Brewing Company offers plenty of beer and plenty of passion. It’s a local spot with a great taproom to enjoy, along with plenty more. Let’s take a closer look at this awesome spot in Roslindale.

When Will it Be Fully Open?

According to an article found on Distraction Brewing Company taproom is projected to open in May, so any day now. It will become the first permanent brewery in Roslindale with plenty to offer the community.

The company will start with a lineup of six beers, plenty of music, games, and TVs. They are planning to offer food from local pop-ups and food trucks, at least to begin with.

Recently, they reached their goal for the Kickstarter campaign they put up to raise money for the taproom. This goal was reached in late April and a Facebook post states, “You’re helping us get a larger brewing system, make more beer…and make more of you happy in the process.”

As of May 5th, they stated they are getting close to opening on their Facebook page, and an announcement is coming soon.

What to Expect When They Open

As of right now, it’s hard to say what Distraction Brewing Company will offer, except for great beer. They have yet to announce much information, but it’s believed they will start off with the following beers:

  • Hoppily Distracted
  • RoslinPale
  • Parkway Porter
  • Belgrade Trippel
  • Bank on Brown
  • Doubly Distracted

They were offering 64-ounce Distractor growlers through the Kickstarter campaign, so they will likely offer growlers when they open, as well.

Distraction Brewing Company is hoping to collaborate with other Roslindale businesses, such as The Square Root. They want to organize open mic nights and comedy nights, so entertainment will likely be a part of this new business as well.

Location, Hours, & Information

The location of Distraction Brewing Company is 2 Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale. They have yet to announce hours. You can check their website, and Facebook page for updates, which they have promised are coming soon!

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