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Boston is a unique city filled with all types of history, things to do, places to go, and uncommon individuals. Whether you’ve lived in Boston your entire life or you just moved to the city, you probably haven’t heard every fact out there about the city. Let’s look at seven very unique facts you may not be aware of about Boston.

The Molasses Flood

It sounds rather odd, but it’s also true. In 1919, on January 15th, the North End neighborhood of Boston was flooded with molasses. It happened around 12:30pm when a 50-foot tall tank of molasses collapsed. It was about 90 feet in diameter.

The tank caused the ground to shake and a rumble to pass through with a massive crash as it toppled to the ground. It was dubbed as The Great Molasses Flood and caused 2.3 million gallons of Molasses to rush through the streets.

The flood killed 21 people and injured about 150 more as the molasses traveled up to 35 miles per hour. Some residents claimed the entire neighborhood smelled of molasses for decades after the flood.

The First United States Public Beach

If you were asked to name the area where the first United States public beach was located, you’d probably think of Florida, California, or maybe the Carolinas. However, the first public beach was actually Revere Beach, which is found just five miles to the north of Boston. The beach is a total of three miles long.

Candlepin Bowling Comes from the Boston Area

You may not even know what candlepin bowling is, but if you do, it may be unique to find out it was developed in Worchester, Massachusetts by Justin White in 1880.

The Boston University Bridge & the Under Effect

A unique bridge where you won’t find the same phenomenon anywhere else in the world, the Boston University Bridge offers the ability for a boat to sail under a train which goes under a driving vehicle, which can be under a flying airplane.

A Couple of Firsts

Baker Chocolate Company

Boston was home to many firsts in the United States but did you know, it was home to the first subway system in the country and the first chocolate factory. The Tremont Street Subway is the oldest subway tunnel in the entire continent and the third oldest in the world.

In addition, the Baker Chocolate Company has been producing chocolate in the United States longer than any other company. Dr. James Baker and John Hanon started the company and it was the first chocolate factor in the United States.

Another Boston First

The first American lighthouse was also found in Boston on Little Brewster Island. Boston Light is the oldest continually used light station in the country and was first lit in 1716.

No Christmas for Boston

From 1659 to 1681, the Puritans of New England banned Christmas celebrations. Those found celebrating the holiday were fined as the Puritans believed it was a corrupted holiday.

Boston offers plenty more unique facts, but these seven are some of the more unique you will find. It’s a cool city with so much to discover you’ll likely never get bored living here.

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