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As a first-time buyer in Boston, you need to know what you’re getting into. There are several things to consider and the Boston real estate market is very competitive. Here are five quick tips to help you along the house buying journey.

Start with a Pre-Approval

Before you start clicking and swiping pictures and home listings, get pre-approval for a mortgage. Going through this process will make you a stronger buyer and show you want you can afford. This will help to keep you from falling in love with a property you simply cannot afford, as well.

Interview Real Estate Agents

Before you start shopping, interview a few real estate agents and hire one. This will help to ensure you have someone on your side to aid you throughout the process. Real estate can seem like a foreign language if you’re not used to it. Having a good real estate agent on your side will help make the process of buying a home in Boston easier.

Take a Homebuyer Class

Buying your First Boston Home

Boston offers homebuyer education classes and you should take one. The class the city offers is called the Home buying 101 class. The Common Wealth of Massachusetts also offers several other classes, but this is a good place to start for first-time buyers. You’ll learn about credit, budgeting, homeownership, condo ownership and more.

Create a Needs and Wants List

It’s best to know what you absolutely cannot live without in a home and the things you would like to have. A needs and wants list can help you narrow down the search to ensure you only look at properties that fit what you need and want.

Visit the Neighborhood at Different Times

Going to see a home in the middle of the day is fine, but the neighborhood could be different at night or even in the morning. Make sure you visit the neighborhood at different times to get a feel for what you’re really getting into if you buy here.

There are several tips you can use to make the home buying process easier. Start with these five and lean on your real estate agent to help you with finding the right home and navigating the buying process.

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